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“Coral Bleaching and Disease Affect Broward Reefs”

September 21, 2003, Fort Lauderdale, Fl. New outbreaks of coral bleaching and disease, affecting a major Florida coral reef, are currently underway in the waters off Broward County. The surveys, conducted by Cry of the Water and Global Coral Reef Alliance, evaluated the health of over 450 coral colonies in two separate areas. The reefs in question are some of the best near shore coral reefs left in North America.

coral reef, coral, data collection, reefs, monitor, data, reefteam, reef, reefkeeper, cry of the water, broward Why Monitor Coral Reefs?
There is no other way to catch problems before they become disastrous.  We collect data on significant coral reef sites to monitor changes in coral health, coral cover, and other key early warning signs of environmental impact.
How do we Monitor Reefs?
Point-intercept bottom cover surveys are conducted along each transect, with bottom type data being noted at half-meter intervals along the full 50 meters of the transect.  For hard coral colonies located at data collection points, health conditions of the coral colony is noted.  In addition, all stony coral species found at data collection points on the transects are identified and noted. This is the key for a healthy nature!
Cry of the water is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization dedicated to the protection of our coral reefs.  We are a ReefKeeper International affiliate and a ReefCheck member.  Our members and volunteers donate their time and talent to monitor the health of our coral reefs off the coast of Broward County, Florida.

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