The Coral Reef

What is a coral reef?. It's an underwater structure that is made from the secreted of corals known as Calcium Carbonate. Coral reefs are known to be colonies of very small living animals that are found in the ocean, which contains several nutrients. The reefs are known to be best grown in shallow, clear, agitated and warm waters. They are known to be formed after the last glacial period.

Coral reefs are known to form one of the most diverse ecosystems on planet Earth. This underwater structure is also known as "The Rainforest of the Sea". These underwater structures occupy less than a tenth of one percent of the globe ocean surface. They provide home for several marine animals such as the following: Worms, fish, echinoderms, molluscs, crustaceans, tunicates, cnidarians, sponges, etc.

The climate of the coral reef is at warm tropical waters. They provide ecosystem services to fisheries, shoreline protection and tourism. They are sensitive to water temperatures, which is why they are considered fragile ecosystems. They are under threat by several factors which are the following: Ocean acidification, blast fishing, overuse reef resources, climate change, cyanide fishing, water pollution, etc.

The three main coral reef types are the following: Barrier reef, Atoll reef and Fringing reef. There are also other reef variants such as: Apron reef, Patch reef, Ribbon reef, Habili, Bank reef, Table reef, Cays and Microatoll.

The coral reef fish are the animals that live in close relation to the reefs. There are hundreds of species that are known to exist in a healthy reef. These fish have developed several ways to survive on the reefs. The majority of fish that are found on the reefs are ray finned fish. The ray finned fish are known for the characteristic of having bonny rays and sharp spines in their fins. The Marine conservation is the preservation and protection of ecosystems in the oceans. Marine conservation is a discipline which focuses on conserving biological and physical marine resources. The Marine conservation uses technology devices to protect threatened and endangered cry of the water marine habitat and organisms.

The Great barrier reef is the largest reef system worldwide. The Great barrier reef is located in the Coral Sea in north east Australia. The coral reef in Florida is very extensive. Florida is the only continental state of the United States to have shallow coral reefs near its coasts. Here, at you will find all facts about the coral reef.

  • Coral Reefs are beautiful underwater structures made mainly of calcium carbonate secreted by corals. These beautiful places are on a great risk of disappearing due to the overuse of reef resources. There is hope nonetheless; for example some online companies have started to join the cause for preserving them , from big car manufacturers to small companies. They all help finance organizations like Coral Cay which currently work to restore these damaged ecosystems.

Coral Reef Preservation

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